Enjoy the Benefits of Moroccan Oils in Your Boutique Hotel in Marrakech

Morocco is most definitely a country where natural oils and essences play an important role in its culture and its traditions. This country enjoys an enormous number of oils that are quite relevant in many aspects of life, including diet, health, beauty and wellbeing. In the following article I will focus on the types of oils that exist in Morocco and their main uses.

In Morocco you can find very different types of oils. First of all, we have the most famous olive oil, which occupies an important place in Moroccan memory, mostly because the olive tree was mentioned in the Coram and is a universal symbol of peace. Equally, the olive tree is quite ubiquitous in Morocco and can be found in most regions, including Meknes, Fes, Essaouira, Marrakech, Taroudant, Ouarzazate, etc.

There is also the original and unique argan oil, which is extracted from the argan fruits. There is only one region in the whole world where this tree exists: the Souss region in south-east Morocco, near the towns of Taroudant, Agadir, Essaouira, and Tiznit.

Besides these there are many other, more common oils, such as the almond oil, sunflower seed oil, corn oil, and several oils extracted from flowers. More recently, people in Ait Baamran have started producing oil from a cactus.

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Oils in Morocco are used in several fields. First, oils are very commonly used in gastronomy to prepare many traditional Moroccan recipes and cakes, including the celebrated couscous, the tajine and many types of salads (Moroccan salads usually consist of tomatoes, onion and some spices).

Oils are also used for beauty purposes like in face masks and facial treatments, as well as other body skin treatments. Also, oils are used for their relaxing qualities in all sorts of massage therapies. Argan oil in particular is rubbed as a remedy against rheumatic and joint pains.

Moreover, oils in Morocco are very important for their medical effects. For instance, argan oil helps regulate the amount of cholesterol in blood, is very rich in vitamin E and is recommended to prevent cardiovascular diseases. There are also fortifying and invigorating preparations that use argan oil as their main ingredient.

So, oils in Morocco are extremely important and it is quite an opportunity to enjoy their positive effects. You can visit and stay in a boutique hotel in Marrakech, where you will get a chance to discover the countless benefits and aromatic properties of Moroccan oils. Also, for a complete experience of their relaxing and wellbeing properties, enjoy a traditional hammam in a spa hotel in Marrakech or at any luxury hotel in Marrakech, where you will be offered a fantastic massage and all sorts of beauty treatments in an atmosphere full of magic and charm.


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